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Hattie and Uncle Rob’s house? — A photographic mystery

When looking through my family history records, I stumbled across this photo. I asked my mom  what it was and we determined, based on thee story of Bert and Miriam putting up the photo of Hattie (and Uncle Rob?) when they came to visit, then taking it down  and putting it in the closet when they left, because they hated them so much, that this is likely their house.

So far, there is a small stick label on the back of this photo (which is not the original):

Unfortunately, the photo itself has no markings!

And that is story of genealogy for today. I may expand on some of the elements in my last two posts on Packed with Packards (“Bob Mills’s quest to learn more about his family lineage” and “Settling the estate of Tom Packard: letters from 1976 to 1979.”) in some other posts on here.

Your comments on this are welcome.

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